The AGM for TIMFL will be held on Monday, February 11 at 6:00 p.m.  The room #125 at LaSalle Secondary School.

The agenda is:
1 - Accepting 2018 AGM minutes
2 - Financial report Cara from MNP/treasurer report
3 - President report
4 - VIce President report
5 - amendments
The amendments from the Board are:

13.5   Only one (1) member of a family is eligible to be a Director of the Corporation (a family member being defined as spouse, life partner, parent/guardian, child/children, sister and/or brother).  Also, it shall be a fiduciary duty (the duty of a Director to act reasonably, prudently, honestly and in the best interests of the Corporation) to not have a conflict of interest, and to exercise the requisite level of care, diligence and skill in carrying out their responsibilities as required by these bylaws, statute and common law.
13.6   Upon any termination or resignation of membership, the rights of the Member automatically cease to exist. Where a person is no longer a Member, then such person shall be deemed to have also automatically resigned as a Director, an Officer and/or a Committee member, as applicable.  Such an individual must turn over all property owned by TIMFL (physical, service related, copyright, or intellectual) to the Corporation.

6 - new business