Can my child play TIMFL football if they have never played before?

Absolutely! Children play football because it's fun, challenging and exciting. Most kids love being part of a team. Football teaches cooperation and team work, helps develop positive social skills and teaches respect for others. It helps build self-confidence, a positive self-image and self-worth. It enables a child to improve upon and develop a broad range of motor skills such as throwing, catching, running, kicking, balance, agility and coordination. Because a large variety of skills and physical abilities are required on a football team, there is a position for every child to play and no experience is necessary.

How safe is football?

Football is a contact sport and injuries do occur. However, the risk of injury is no greater than in any other contact sport, when:

  • Played within the rules that are appropriate to the age and abilities of the players;
  • Teams conduct business with a " player first " attitude;
  • Games are well officiated;
  • Proper playing techniques are taught;
  • Coaches are appropriately trained; and
  • Proper, well-fitting and maintained equipment is worn.

We have experienced football coaches who participate in training (such as Safe Contact) provided by Football Canada. Our affiliation with the Ontario Football Association and Football Canada provides rules and guidelines to support the safety and well-being of participants in the Thousand Islands Minor Football League (2016 Inc.)

What is the season timelines?

Registration opens in February or March on a first come basis. Practices are two nights a week beginning in April and games will start in May with the final games being played on the final Sunday in June.

How do I register my child for football?

Registration must be completed online at www.timfl.com and must be completed by a parent or guardian over the age of 18. Payments can be made by credit card, pre-paid credit card or Interac at the same time. The only exception to online payment is when a subsidy is required, the league needs to be notified at timflquestions16@gmail.com. Registration fee is $275.00.

What equipment does my child need to play football?

TIMFL provides the player uniform (helmet, shoulder pads, pants, jersey) for the season. It is mandatory that all equipment is to be returned to TIMFL at the end of Championship weekend. If players would like to keep their equipment for a summer football camp or will be absent from championship weekend, please contact timfl.questions@gmail.com to make alternative arrangements and avoid additional costs. The player must provide their own mouth guard (mandatory) and footwear (cleats are highly recommended).